Monday, November 16, 2009

Pictures are ready!!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that our wedding pictures are now available to view online!  Our cousin Diana (Moxie Photography) did such an amazing job!!  We are so excited to share them with, enjoy!!!

click on Matt and Holly's Wedding and type in password:  Hendricks


Hello Everyone!

So I am going to break the rules and blog a little out of order because I am so excited to tell everyone about this past weekend!!!  Last month one of my best friends from college, Jenn, had her little baby girl, Bexleigh Anniston!  She is the first of the college buddies (aka the Gamma Gallo Girls) to have a baby, so it is oh so exciting news.  My other college BFF, Jenny D, and I decided that we absolutely had to make a trip out to see her and little Bex.  We called Jenn's mom and told her we wanted to come and make it a surprise, we found amazing deals on a flight Friday night after work, and next thing we knew, we were heading to LaGuardia to hop on a plane and surprise our buddy.  Jenn's mom (Momma Mullet) and her boyfriend, Bobby, picked us up from the airport on friday night and we headed straight to Jenn's house.  On the 30 minute drive over, we contemplated different ways to actually do the surprise and decided that Momma Mullet and Bobby would walk in first and talk to Jenn while Jenny D and I hid in the kitchen.  We were so anxious and excited driving up to her house, we could hardly contain ourselves.  When we finally got there, we crawled out of the car, into the garage and quickly hid in the kitchen to wait for our cue.  Unfortunately, we forgot to make a cue, so we just stood in there for a few minutes trying to stifle laughter and find the perfect opportunity to jump out.  When we finally did come out of hiding, Jenny D and I immediately broke down into tears....seeing our best college buddy, sitting there in the darkness with her little baby girl was just too much for the emotions and we let it all out.  Jenn just sat there, completely awestruck, repeating over and over "Are you guys really here?!?"  It was one of the best surprises ever!!  The rest of the weekend flew by, but we had so much fun snuggling up to Baby Bex, taking her on a fieldtrip to Kohl's, eatin' good in the neighborhood at Applebees, and going on a 2 1/2 mile walk around Jenn's town on the gorgeous Saturday afternoon.  I am so excited that I got to see my little niecey this early on in her little life!  I just love her so much and I am so thrilled for Jenn and Brian....congrats Klopfers!!!!

Jenn's Surprised Face

"Are you guys really here?"

Surprise Brian!  Hope you don't mind a couple extra girls this weekend!

The blankie I made for Baby Bex

Getting ready for our walk

Bex is ready too!

The sandwich

Thumbs up!

Jen, me and Momma Mullet


Monday, November 2, 2009

Marathon Sunday!!

Yesterday Matt and I spent the day celebrating the NYC Marathon and all of the amazing participants.  For those that do not know, I ran the NYC Marathon last year and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done!  For any fellow marathoners out there, you will understand when I tell you how emotional I was all day yesterday.  Every few minutes while I was watching the runners pass my window on 1st Avenue, I would start to tear up and remember how I felt as I was running on that very same street 1 year ago. 

The day started off a bit on the early side, as we were woken up to the band that was set up across the street from our apt doing a sound check.  There's nothing like hearing a live band from bed at 8 am on a Sunday morning!  We were so excited because we got to see all of the elite, professional runners run past our building right at mile 18 (only 8.2 left! woohoo....go Paula go!).  Around lunch time, my marathon buddy, Nancy, came into the city from NJ for the day to hang out and celebrate our 1 year "run-aversary," and of course we were decked out in our 2008 marathon shirts....I even donned my metal for the day!  Her cousin Wendy was running, so we grabbed a quick bite and headed back to 1st Ave. to shove our way into a good spot.  Nancy came prepared with a giant "W" so Wendy would be sure to spot us.  It was so cool standing there, cheering on all of the runners.  We had a blast!  After heading over to 5th Ave. to see Wendy at mile 23, we walked across the park and over to the West side for a post marathon party.  By that time, my voice was pretty much a goner, but it was well worth it to cheer on all those runners.  Congrats to all of the 2009 marathoners!!!  I'll be back in 2010!

Marathon Buddies!

2008 and 2009 Marathon Runners!