Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello friendly blogsters! (If I even have any followers any more...mom- I know you'll be reading this!)

Sorry I have been away for so, very long! Life has been busy, but very, very good! I am sitting at my computer on this rainy, "fall" day, post labor day and I figured what better time to start re-blogging than now! (btw- I write "fall" in quotes like that because even though there are technically 2 more weeks of summer, labor day, esp. in NYC, denotes the end of summer for most people....this little delinquent blogger included!)

So, as I was saying, life in Jersey City has been non-stop craziness! We are loving living in NJ (wow- still never thought I would say that!)! We have made such wonderful friends with our neighbors and our place is really coming along! We've painted (and by "we" I mean the professional painters that had to use a hydraulic lift to get all the way up our 27 foot walls), had our shower door installed, re-arranged furniture, and ordered a new dining table! All very exciting, domestic things, I know! But really, we are having such a blast building our home together! Our weekends now regularly include trips to HomeGoods, antique stores and CB2, as well as perusing thru endless home furnishing catalogues! I know, too much to handle, this crazy life of ours! ;-)

On the work front....Physique is going amazingly! I absolutely LOVE my job and feel really lucky to go in to work every day and have such a blast! I feel like I am getting a nice little following of clients and I have finally stopped having my pulsing and squeezing anxiety dreams before I teach an early shift! I even got my mom on the band wagon....she is hooked on the DVDs and I couldn't be prouder of her! Check out her tales of physiqueing on her new blog: suziestories.blogspot.com.

Vissi is going great too! We have two big shows coming up in a couple of weeks, so its been rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal like crazy as of late! If you are in NYC on September 24th, come check us out in Jamaica, Queens! We are performing my favorite Vissi show of all time...The Hoarde! Its got something for everyone...love, death, revenge, and redemption! Plus, I'll be wearing a shell bra and grass skirt for most of the show....so we'll see how THAT goes!

Oh and if you are wondering about that handsome hubby and cute little pup of mine...well they are doing just great too! Matt and I are coming up on our 2 YEAR wedding anniversary!! Can you believe it!!??! Time just flies by! Actually, today marks our 7 year anniversary of being together and 3 years ago yesterday, he proposed! Soooo, September is a pretty exciting month for us. And Maggie Lu, well she is just a little bundle of munchkin love all wrapped in fur (well hair actually).  She is getting even more loving with age....we wake up every morning with her snuggled right between the two of us and I just absolutely love it!

Alright, friends, so there is the update! I promise to not leaving you hanging for another 6 months! And I'll leave you with some pics so you can see what we've been up to since March and just in case you forgot what we look like! ;-)

 We got our window shades installed....that was one big ladder!

 I turned 29!

 I performed in a DRA (Dancers Responding to Aids) benefit concert with my Physique 57 co-workers. Here's me and the hubs after the show! (ps, it was on my bday!)

 Mom came out for the show too....

And then she and Matt threw me a big birthday party in the Canco chill room!

 At the party Matt and I were awarded "Best Couple".....

by this little guy, LEO, and his mama, Jen!

 Lot's of friends came out to NJ on a stormy, Sunday night, just for me!

And fabulous neighbors came too....although, they didn't have quite as far of a commute!

 Then mom threw her back out and stayed an extra week and then had to be wheeled to the plane in an airport wheelchair....maybe not her shining moment, but still a photo op!

 We celebrated Chelsea's Big 28! with brunch and lots of drinks!

 Maggie Lu and Oliver started their neighborly love affair!

 We went to Cali for Jon and Steph's engagement party....and I of course gave a toast!

Less than 5 months until the BIG day!!!

 We also got to see Amanda and Logan while we were there!

 Matt turned 31!

I did a fabulous rendition of "Hotel California" at the Norma Kamali Karaoke Party....completely sober!
Matt and I went to a NASCAR race with my good friend Laura

 Woo....look at those cars zipping by! Matt LOVED it!

I saw my dance Jr. High/ High School dance teacher and her daughter while they were visiting NYC....haven't seen them in over 10 years!!!

 We celebrated Jen's Happy 29! at the same brunch place with more drinks!

And then we all went to Central Park to snooze

Matt and Briko hung out at Starbucks! (Jenn and Briko came for a visit and I made all 3 of them take my Physique class at 8:00 am on a friday morning....this pic is post pulse and squeeze....they look pretty good!)

 The Sandwich was reunited!

Backstage at a Vissi show

Maggie celebrated the 4th with a new haircut!

The CANCO park is completed and looking quite green and fresh!

Mom came back to celebrate the 4th...hung out with some neighbors on the roof to catch the fireworks

Happy 4th of July!

Canco on a pretty summer day!

We went to Michigan and helped Matt's parents have a garage sale! This was one of many "gems" we found in the pile of "for sale" items

I started using my "Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas" travel mug for iced tea....thanks Desabarb!

Gay marriage was legalized in NY!!!

I did a taping for a segment on NY1 for Physique 57's new UWS studio!

 We had a "hurricane" and lost power and I took a nap in the lobby so I could charge my phone. (I also downloaded a picture editing app on my phone, so from here on out, my phone pics will most likely look fancy!)

 After 18 hours and lot's of candles, we finally got our power back!

Maggie Lu looked really cute and contemplative lying on our bed post "Irene"

We ordered this table from CB2! It gets delivered today!!!

Jersey City had a very beautiful sunset!

Matt and I went to the beach but couldn't go in the water because the waves were too high....but we did  get some good sun!

And that's all for now folks! Til next time!