Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Last weekend Matt and I took a little road trip up to Boston.  We went to visit some friends who have their own "Octoberfest" every year at their apartment right near Boston Common, a great opportunity to drink lot's of different kinds of beer.  We had such a great trip!  The Wickerts (Matt and Lauren - our friends aka the hosts) even gave us a non-tourist tour on Sunday afternoon before we left.

Matt and Matt

Sitting in Boston Common

While we were there we also got a chance to see a friend of mine that I have not seen in over 10 years!!! Jenn and I met at a summer dance intensive camp when we were in high school and became instant friends.  We reconnected recently on facebook and decided to meet up for a little reunion while we were there since she lives in Boston.  Matt and Ryan (her fiance) both had trouble understanding how two people that met 10 years ago for one summer could have gotten so close and would want to see eachother again, but it was like no time had passed at all.  Hopefully it won't be another ten before we see eachother again!

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