Sunday, October 4, 2009

Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks!!!!!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our blog! Hopefully I (Holly aka Mrs. Hendricks) will be able to keep this up to date with our crazy schedules. Just thought I would do a quick posting with some wedding pics for all to see...although, if anyone has taken a look at facebook, you probably have seen all these already. :) Enjoy! and I'll be back soon!

My beautiful entourage

A kiss from the cutest flower girl ever!

M.O.B. of the Century!

The girls

The guys

The Grand Entrance

Tasting the cake!

I approve!

Gallo Hustle-ing with my girls


  1. Great start on the blog, Holly ! Wedding was great- glad I could make it with Gramster- she had alot of fun.... Congrats again.... and now- get back to work !!! love, kathy and jim

  2. Beautiful pix!! Beautiful blog!! I'll be tuning in!!! Welcome to the blogosphere.

  3. Love it Boo! Excited to follow you and Matty's lives via blogspot! Love you!

  4. Oh Holly you were the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I was so proud of you and so happy for you and Matt. What a fun wedding...all the hard work paid off. What a success!! I love you so much!!