Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hello my faithful followers!

So sorry I have not had any updates in the last month, but things are busy, busy as usual!  Anyway, I have to do another "Hendricks Month in review" since April flew by so fast, I hardly knew it was here. :)  Ok, here goes...

The month started out with an awesome trip to Dover (sans Hubby) for a total girl Easter weekend!  My mom and I flew out to Ohio to help celebrate Bexleigh's first Easter with Jenny and her mom (Wendy or Momma Mullet, as I like to call her)....we had sooo much fun!
Hanging out with the little munchkin!

Such a happy baby!  And not high maintenance at all ;-)

We absolutely had to do a fashion show that included the awesome sunglasses my mom got for Bex!

I just loved my little "wake-up call" all weekend....no alarms needed :)

Even with all the girl time relaxation, we managed to get in a Zumba class AND those little sneaks surprised me with a mini birthday celebration!  Plus, they got me a Shake Weight!  So awesome!!!

Bexleigh loved her baths...

and her bedtime stories!

Bex and her "Granny Ben" (aka my mom)

Me and Jenn....I LOVE this girl!!!

The girls!!

My mom and Wendy had a pretty intense egg-coloring session

Easter Morning!!!


The next weekend Matt and I spent a little time with our old neighbors from the BPC!  We love these two and always have a blast when we go out with them!  She is a fellow blogger who likes to go by the alias "Tizzy," so that is what I shall call her.  After our fun night out, I even got a new nickname :) Tizzy is much quicker on the blogging front, so I'll let her fill you in on our great night out!  Check this out!

"Hotcakes," Matt and "Tizzy"

The next weekend, Matt, Jen and I headed down to Philly to spread our philanthropic wings and run in a race for donor awareness.  Jen has a good friend from high school that had a kidney transplant a year and   a half ago (she's doing GREAT, FYI), so it has become our tradition to go down and run the race every year.  This year was number 2 and we had a great time!  Matt and Jen ran the 5K and I decided to be a little bit of an over-acheiver this year and run the 10K.  Don't we look ready and raring to go!!!

Matt and Jen

Me and Nick (another one of Jen's HS friends)

So, that is pretty much what April looked like....all summed up.  Hopefully I'll be a little better at updating as things happen in our exciting and fast paced life here in NYC....I can't make any promises though ;-).  Until the next blog.....


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