Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Matt's 30th Birthday!

A couple of weeks ago, my beloved hubby turned 30!!!  I wanted to plan something very special and memorable for his big 3-0 and spent quite some time deliberating over what to do.  After tossing around some different ideas, I finally decided on a nice romantic get-away for just the two of us!

So, Saturday, May 1st (May Day!) we headed out of the city, up to a beautiful country region of Massachusetts called the Berkshires.  We have a couple of friends who own houses up there, so we've been up a couple of times, but this was the first time we were "flying solo."  I had the whole weekend planned out, starting with swinging by Golfsmith in NYC to pick up Matt's birthday present....new golf clubs!!  Of course nothing is ever as smooth as you plan it to be, so our quick 5 minute stop turned into a 45 minute wait while the guys at the store searched the stock room for the set that I had bought and had shipped there.  I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself for not blowing my top, but I did get close when the woman at the register asked me not once, but twice if I was sure I had them shipped to the correct store....um, yeah! I believe there is only 1 Golfsmith on 53rd and Lex in New York City lady!!!

After we finally got  that squared away, we were on our way!  We sailed up to the Berkshires on the gorgeous 80 degree, sunny day without hitting one bit of traffic! We stopped off in a cute little country restaurant called "Moms" for lunch and then headed to the Egremont Country Club.  Now, Matt doesn't exactly know how to play a full game of golf, but let me tell you, he has a mean swing at the driving range!  He was so excited to test out his new clubs, so we spent a couple of hours there, him hitting and me watching!  It was so peaceful and relaxing.  There were some other guys there that couldn't believe I was his wife, just sitting there watching him swing, not complaining one bit!  ;-)  At one point I did get up and had my try at a swing, but Matt's a lefty and his club felt all wacky in my hands and when I went to hit the ball I nearly whacked the girl standing next to us.  After that I stuck to spectating.

Two buckets of balls and many blisters later, we left the driving range and headed to our Bed and Breakfast.  It was the absolute, most adorable place ran by an even more adorable couple, the Baldwin Hill Farm B & B.  After chatting it up with Richard (the owner - who just so happened to grow up in the very house that we stayed in...it's been in his family for more than 100 years!!) for about an hour and a half, we settled into our cozy "bay window room" and took a 2 hour nap!  Later that evening, we had an amazing candlelit dinner at the fabulous Old Inn on the Green and then had one of the most quiet and restful sleeps I think that either of us has gotten since we moved to NYC. ;-)

The next morning we woke up bright and early and fully rested to a delicious breakfast, care of Priscilla (Richard's wife).  Since we were the only guests staying at the B & B that weekend, we got extra special treatment at the breakfast table.  We chatted with the two of them for a couple of hours over "toad in the holes" and amazing homemade muffins, and then got ready to head out.  Before making our way back to the city, we made a little stop at the Dotsons house to, what else....EAT!  They had a wonderful spread for Matt's birthday and the kids had plenty of "birthday" games they were ready to play with him. ;-)

Happy 30th Matt!!

The Golfer and his cheerleader

Look at that swing!

My handsome Birthday Boy!!


Isn't it charming?!!

You can't find this kind of view in the city!

This big tree is famous in the area....can't remember why, but thought I should post it anyway ;-)

Hanging out by the barn before dinner

The fabulous birthday cake made by Amanda Dotson....yuuummm!

The kids were just "a little" excited to celebrate with Matt! ;-)

Overall I have to say it was an amazing weekend.  Relaxing, rejuvinating....just what two crazy city folks need!!  Happy Birthday my love!!!  Looking forward to spending many, MANY more together!!

Til next time....

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  1. Oh Holly...it sounds like you made Matt's birthday great. I love all the pics...especially the famous tree :)