Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pig Roast!

Last weekend, Matt, Jer and I (aka the Hendricks clan) braved the NYC traffic and headed out to Long Island to go to the annual Orlando family Memorial Day Weekend Pig Roast!  We had a blast!!!  It was so great spending some time with my NYC family...great aunts and uncles, second and third cousins and lots of friends!

Crawfish Appetizers

I even gave them a try!

The PIG!!

Pig head anyone???

Me and Great Grandma Alice...she's 96 and looks fab!

Front row L->R: Jordan (2nd Cousin Once Removed), Me, Cousin Nancy (1st Cousin Once Removed) 
Back row L->R: Cousin Amy (2nd Cousin), Matt (Hubby), Jer (Brother-in-law) 
Phew! That was hard ;-)

It started to get a little chilly out, so Great Uncle Tony gave me his pajama pants to borrow, and yes that is a pimp hat he is wearing.  Our family has no shame! :)

Cousin Nancy, Great Uncle Tony, Great Aunt Nancy, Me, Cousin Lukey (1st Cousin Once Removed)

The bar was fully stocked!

And our bartenders were quite good!

Me, Grams and Matt

Me and Uncle Tony

Matt, Me, Cousin Kathy (1st Cousin Once Removed), Jim (Kathy's hubby)

Cousin Kathy's amazing Mardi Gras cake!


  1. you even did all the "once removed's"! You go girl!

    We had fun! It was great seeing you!

  2. :) Thanks! It only took me an hour to figure all of them out! ;-) Great seeing you guys too!!