Friday, June 25, 2010


Last weekend, Matt and I flew out to California to go to a dear family friend's Bar Mitzvah.  Being the over-achievers (more like over-planners) that we are, we were also able to squeeze in quite a few other activities while we were there.

We got in late thursday night and headed straight from the airport to see my brother's band play at the Tiki Lounge in Costa Mesa. They were awesome!!!  Even in our exhausted state, Matt, my mom, Steph and I had a great time.
 My brother, the drummer!  Sorry for the dark pic, I had to sneak it on my phone since he made my mom keep her camera in the car. ;) Yay JON!!

After having gone to bed at about 1am (4 am to us), we fought the urge to sleep in friday morning and got up bright and early to visit my friend Vanessa and see her new baby boy Michael.  The quick visit was definitely worth the little sleep!  He is such a little angel and his big sister Hailey is as cute as ever.  Vanessa looks amazing and is such a natural at motherhood and both she and my mom had a good time giving Matt and I a hard time about keeping my mom from official "grandmotherhood." ;-)
Matt and precious baby Michael Reid Piot

Me with big sister Hailey and baby Michael....soooo cute!

After our visit with the Piots, my mom and I decided we needed a little pampering, so we went to go get a mother/daughter mani/pedi...
Caught on camera getting super spoiled!

And then, we went to go watch my mom in her ballroom class with her hot Latin dance teacher Eddie!!  She was gettin' down Dirty Dancing style with the Rumba, Cha Cha and swing!  Way to go Baby...I mean mom! ;-)

That evening, we headed up to Redondo Beach to visit Jon and Steph and see their new apartment.  Talk about beach living!!  They walk out of their complex, make a right and they are staring at the gorgeous Pacific!  We hung out at their apartment for a couple of glasses of wine, then went down to the Redondo Pier and had a fabulous dinner at Tony's on the Pier with Jon, Steph, my mom and Steph's dad, Danny.  
Jon and Steph

Posing on the the dolphin at the "squishy ground" for mom

Basically this is their front yard!!

View from our table at Tony's

Saturday was Bar Mitzvah day, so Matt and I dusted off our yamakas and headed to Temple. ;)  It was a beautiful and hilarious ceremony, and if you know Josh Fried, you'll know why.  Everything, from his grand entrance into the synagogue, to Josh telling the mystery person whose cell phone went off to "please don't spoil the movie by adding your own soundtrack," it was a really enjoyable.  Afterwards there was a brief luncheon and then we had a few hours to hang out with Jon and Steph at the beach before the party!!  

And boy oh boy, what a party it was! We partook in every bit of the festivities!  The hora, the photobooth, the candybar, the cha-cha slide, the ice cream sundae bar, the real bar...we did it all and we had a blast!  Josh's mom, Deb, did such a fabulous job planning the whole thing.  They even had a slide show that was actually more like a movie that chronicled the entire process, it was amazing!  And the best part of the whole thing, everyone had such a great time, especially Josh!

Do the dress or shoes look familiar anyone, anyone, bridesmaids?...

Me and Matt with Josh the Bar Mitzvah boy!

Gabe, Josh's little bro

The Hendricks and the Fried boys!

Loving the free giveaways!!

We weren't quite prepared for the last frame :)

After a long night of dancing and stuffing our faces with delicious bar mitzvah goodies, we made our way back to Jon and Steph's place to crash.  Sunday was yet another early morning to head back down to the OC to have breakfast with my mom and catch our flight.  As usual it was a whirlwind, but wonderful weekend!  

And just in case any were wondering, Maggie Lu was in NYC the whole time relaxing at Hotel De Santo with her Pomeranian Husband Brutus!  

'Til next time my faithful followers...


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