Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1 Year!!

This past weekend, Matt and I celebrated our 1 year Wedding Anniversary!  We had fabulous and very memorable time. :)  Since two weeks ago when Matt started planning our celebration (I put him in charge!) we didn't know that we were going to be buying an apartment, plans had to make a slight change to be a little less extravagant.  Matt had already bought us tickets to go see Blue Man Group, which I was very excited about, I've been wanting to see it for years!, so that was a no brainer, but instead of going out for a super fancy schmancy (expensive) dinner, we found a little Indian Restaurant in the East Village near the theater and it was FABULOUS!!  It even had live Indian music, very authentic!

On the way to our Romantic evening out.

Our musicians for the night.

Me and my banana fritter app....yummmmm!! (I didn't know then that my night was going to be full of nanners...see below!)

After dinner, we made our way over to the show and it was so great!  At the very beginning, when everyone is heading inside and getting seated, they have this little scrolling marquee on stage that says things like "no photography" and "you better pee now because there is no intermission."  Then once the lights start to go down, it starts asking everyone to read aloud things like "let's welcome so and so, the gold medalist in curling in the 2010 Olympics" (I highly doubt he was really there) and "let's say hello to so and so, the discoverer of the human genome" (I know for a fact that he wasn't there!) and then it said "and let's give a hello to Matthew Hendricks!  Matthew is just an average, ordinary guy, but let's say hi to him anyway."  So then everyone in the audience said hi to Matt and or course I made a point of being extremely conspicuous and pointing him out to all.  He was slightly embarrassed, but was a really good sport.  After the crowd died down, I looked over at him, thinking he had planned the whole thing as a funny anniversary moment, but he looked just as shocked and surprised as me, so I knew it was just a fluke!  So, then the show started and it was hilarious and very entertaining and about halfway through the Blue Men starting roaming through the audience, climbing over seats like they were looking for something/one.  All of a sudden, I found myself surrounded by three Blue Men and next thing I knew I was being escorted onto the stage and was a part of their "Twinkie Skit."  The twinkie skit consisted of me sitting on stage at a table with the three of them, and opening their twinkies for them and all of us sharing and stealing twinkies and a Blue Man trying to feed me twinkie bites and me trying not to have to eat a twinkie because I haven't had one in about 10 years and I've never really liked them, but still wanting to be a good sport, so I did end up eating about half of one, and in the midst of all this, I am cracking up and shaking just a little (who knew I'd be nervous up on a stage!!) and the Blue Men keep staring at me because they don't talk and all of a sudden this vomit looking goo (upon closer inspection I realized it was just smashed bananas) came spurting out of one of the guys shirts and just when I got over that, the same goo started spurting out of the cape that they had put on me!  

Here's a pic they took of me as the banana goo was spurting out of my cape...I was just a little shocked!

It was so hilarious and I thought to myself, as I was being walked back down to my seat trying not to slip and carrying my "doggy bag" of banana goo, I am never, ever going to forget this night!  And that's what anniversaries are supposed to be about, right?  Not reservations at a crazy, exclusive restaurant or a surprise weekend getaway to somewhere remote and exotic (although, if Matt wanted to surprise me with that one year, I certainly wouldn't argue), but a hilarious, fun moment that you will remember sharing forever with the one you love most! So, having said that, this was the perfect 1st anniversary for us!  We did try to stick with the paper theme of the 1 year traditional gift giving list....Matt got me the tickets and a lovely card (and flowers :)) and I gave him a picture from our 1st dance with the lyrics of the song printed on it.  I thought it was pretty crafty and he loved it!

So, to many, many, many, many (etc) more anniversaries to come!  Love you babe!!! So happy to be spending my life with someone I can crack up with!!!  (Really!!!)


Matt and I in front of the theater

Me with my doggy bag and a Blue Man kiss!

My fabulous anniversary outfit! (and Maggie Lu, she wanted to be part of the festivities too!)

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  1. Happy one year!!! And congrats on the beautiful condo :) xoxo