Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holly and Jen + Fashion's Night Out

Last Friday, Jen and I partook in a much anticipated NYC event called Fashion's Night Out.  It is a night when a lot of shops and boutiques all over NYC are open late and have special things going on inside the stores.  A lot of them have celebrity appearances or fun activities and sales going on and almost all of them have FREE drinks!  Well, since I am on a self proclaimed spending moratorium and Jen is equally as thrifty these days, that is exactly what we were on the hunt for!  We started on the West side of 59th and Lex at Banana Republic and got our free glass of wine and mini cupcake as we browsed the store looking for deals. After Jen picked up a super cute tank that was on sale, we proceeded to make our way down the east side of Lexington Avenue stopping only in stores that had some sort of Free drink!

Cheers from Barami!  Tacky store and not so great wine...but hey, it was FREE!

We were quite pleased with Kenneth Cole's sparkling wine choice and were about to rank that #1 of the night until we stopped in at Sephora and found this!

The mini bottles of Moet champagne were perfect!!!  They even had these little spouts that you could put on the top so it felt like you were drinking out of a champagne glass.  We probably spent about an hour in Sephora roaming around, smelling perfumes and applying lip gloss and anti-wrinkle cream.  At one point we made our way upstairs to hang out with the awesome DJ and have a little "Thriller" dance off with one of the employees.  It was super fun!

Jen getting some lip gloss advice

It's never too early to start applying that anti-wrinkle eye cream!

DJ Jimmy Jam....my kind of DJ playing lot's of MJ and Prince!

Thriller dance off among the face creams

So, even though we may not have taken full advantage of the fashion part of Fashion's Night Out, I would still deem our night pretty successful!  Any night you can spend out in NYC without spending anything but your metrocard swipe (and a tank top and lip gloss in Jen's case) is a good night for me!  Can't wait for next year's FNO!  Maybe next time I'll actually buy something. :)

After a night full of fashion and free drinks!

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