Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 2010!!! (only a week late)

This year, instead spending a ton of money and going out and getting wasted and then being hungover all day the next day, we decided to ring in the New Year doing something healthy and productive....the Emerald Nuts New Year's Eve Central Park 4 Mile race!  Now, I don't think it is any coincidence that this race is sponsored by Emerald Nuts, because I think you might have to be a little nuts to do it!  The race started right after the countdown at midnight, there was slush and ice all over the ground and it started snowing as we were running.  With that being said, we had the BEST time!!!  Must be cause the three of us (Jen, Matt and I) are a little nutty. :) 

Pre-race....still warm inside

Gearin' up

Warming up on the subway platform

Matt, where's your number?

There it is! Lucky 4500!

Just before's still 2009

We're done!

Jen crossing the finish!

Happy 2010!!!


  1. Awesome way to ring in the New Year, Holly ! Sounds great... I wish I had some ambition to do that..... congrats on finishing- I hope you got a bottle of champagne at the finsh line !

  2. Holly what an awesome way to spend New Year's. I wanna do that one of these days. The only problem is I don't think Bruce and I could run for four miles. Can I walk?
    One year we rode our bikes in the Five Boruogh bike ride. That was fun even though we lost Keith but luckily he knew where to go. Just follow a bazillion bikes to the next check point. LOL!!