Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hendricks December Month-In-Review

Happy 2010 everyone!!!  Since I've been a little bit of a slacker as far as blogging goes, I've decided to take some inspiration from a friend's blog and do a "December re-cap," or as I like to call it a "Month-In-Review."  So, here goes...

We started off the month, like most New Yorkers, attending various Christmas parties.  Well, I guess I should re-phrase that and say Matt attended various parties (and by various I mean 2) and I attended 1.  For some reason, in NYC, companies like to throw Christmas parties for the company members only.  However, even in my absence, Matt was able to represent the "Hendricks Rep" by not only suggesting the venue (which everyone LOVED) but also by winning the highly sought after prize of the night....the CHIA Tree!!!  Way to go babe!  I always wanted one of those. :)

The Limited Design Studio

The second party of the month was hosted by my fabulous friends Jenny D and Alli!  It was a small gathering in their apartment, but super fun!  Between the Trader Joe's hors d'ouvres (amaaazing!), the live entertainment (see below), Mrs. Claus & Little Elf (aka Maggie and Brutus) and the wonderful conversation and company in general, the night was full of happiness and Christmas cheer.

Madeline singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and me as her backup dancer

Mrs. Maggie Claus and Brutus the Elf...obviously not as amused with their costumes as we were.

The beautiful Jenny D....aka hostess with the mostest!

Jerry and Alli (Fabulous hostess #2) with the pups

Great food, lot's of laughter and holiday spirit aside, the highlight of the night was definitely the cheesy family photo shoot in front of the Christmas Tree!

The Hendricks Fam....can't you just feel the love?!?

Me, Jen and Ebonie

Soon after the holiday parties were over, it was time for us to head to California, but not before I celebrated a little Christmas cheer with my little buddies.

Charlotte and Patrick with our very own handmade snowman "Snowball Candy Cane"

Patrick and Snowball Candy Cane II (some meanie decided to break our first one, so P and I had to rebuild)

The girls loved their Snuggies for Kids!!!

Christmas in California was wonderful as usual.  We had to make it a quick trip this year, since we didn't have as much time off as usual, but we had a blast.  When we left NY it was about 25 degrees out, so flying into 65 degree weather, although chilly for Cali, was a treat for us!

Our livingroom after Santa came

Jon, Maggie and me Christmas morning

Dad ready and raring to dig into those gifts!

Mom and Tiff in their Snuggies!!

The Hendricks Fam surrounded by our Christmas goodies!

After spending Christmas morning at home, we always head out to my Grandparents house to see the entire family.  This year it almost didn't happen because of how sick my Grandpa got.  But thanks to his strength and determination, he and my Grandma were ready for us all!

Me and Grandma with my special birth year ornament.  She bought this ornament for me the year I was born and held onto it until my first married Christmas....I got to take it home with me this year! :)

Matt, Papa and me

The day wouldn't be complete without a group shot surrounding Papa's hospital bed.

The day after Christmas, my family decided it would be a great idea to head to Disneyland (with the rest of Southern California!).  I started to rethink this plan after we got home from my grandparents Christmas we really want to deal with the lines, the crowds, pay all that money???  It was one of those trips I was equally excited about and also a little anxious....are 6 adults really going to be able to have that much fun at "The Happiest Place on Earth"??  Well....

I think the pictures pretty much sum it up!  We even had the added bonus of being there the same day the Buckeyes (aka Rose Bowl Champs!) were there!  We met a fellow fan and got a picture with some of the players including star quarterback Terelle Pryor!!

Go Bucks!!

Hope your December was as busy and exciting as ours was!  NYE update coming soon!



  1. What a GREAT month!!! As always, it was SO wonderful getting to spend time with you guys, here in Cali:) xo

  2. OH HOWY! I Loved this "catch up"! It sounds like you guys had an awesome holiday! I can't wait to catch up on the phone! Miss and love you tons. Really enjoyed your pics!! xoxo