Thursday, January 7, 2010

Only in NYC

I have stolen yet another idea from one of my brilliant friends for the sake of my blog. :)  My friend Jenny D has an album on her FB page that she has posted pictures of things that happen that can only be considered normal in this fabulous place we live....NYC.  Case in point...

A conversation between Jenny D and I, two days before NYE:

Jen:  Hey Holly, welcome back! I was wondering, do you guys own a saw?

Me:  Yeeesss.....

Jen: Go ahead, ask me why

Me:  Ok, Jen, why do you need a saw?

Jen:  Well, my building charges us $20 to remove our Christmas tree from our apartment and since we already spent $50 on the tree, I really don't want to spend another $20 to throw it away, so I was thinking I could borrow your saw and chop it up into little pieces and throw it down the garbage shoot.

Me:  Wow, way to be resourceful......let's do it!


Hey, as my mom would say, 20 bucks is 20 bucks! ;-)

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