Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy 4th....a little late :)

4th of July wreath made by the one and only....Momma Mendoza :)

I'm just a couple of weeks behind, but thought I would post a couple of pics from our 4th of July festivities!  Matt and I ventured back down to the BPC to hang out with our good friends "Tizzy" and her hubby.  We missed out on the Macy's fireworks because of all the buildings that blocked them from being able to be seen from downtown, but we definitely didn't miss out on great company and tons of fun!

Matt, Tizzy, her hubby and most importantly the prosciutto for our pizza!!

Me and Chloe....Maggie was so jealous she missed out on the fun

This one's not so good....

Much better!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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  1. Why do the majority of our pictures have food in them? We will never go hungry! Speaking of - when's that pig roast?