Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July Re-Cap

Hello Everyone....

Well, I've done it again!  I've let my poor little blog fall to the wayside and now I need to give a whole month re-cap.  You would think that being unemployed (well, I guess partially unemployed) I would be blogging everyday, but it just isn't so.  Anyway, here goes July...

The week after our July fourth festivities, I began my life as an unemployed housewife on the Upper East Side.  The first couple of days were nice, I got to sleep in, run some errands, go to Target and Trader Joe's in NJ during a week day with NO know, all those fun adult things that we all enjoy so much.  I did spend quite a bit of time that first week running Maggie Lu downtown for various puppy-related Limited fit modeling and photoshoots.  Yes, our Maggie is continuing her journey into fame and is becoming more famous by the second.  She has now been in 2 photoshoots and  been a fit model at The Limited multiple times.  The last time I brought her down there, the photographers let Matt and I get in on the action and we got a nice little family photo out of it.

Don't you just love how my hair has that oh-so-chic windblown effect?!

The next two weeks were a bit of a rainy blur here in NYC.  I started to realize why I usually run myself ragged with 50 million things to do in a day, because when I had nothing to do, I was ready to pull my hair out.  I did manage to get a couple of other things checked off my to-do list...updated my resume and pursued some job possibilities at some fitness studios, went down to South Jersey to teach a Master class and most importantly had Jenny D take some amazing new headshots of me.  The last time I had headshots done was by Matt 5 years ago standing in our kitchen in Battery Park City while he held a desk lamp in one hand while shooting with the other.  I definitely needed an update!  

This is one of my faves!  Just to give you a little taste of Jenny D's fabulous photography!!

Jenny D and I also took a little roadtrip to Dover to visit the third part of our sandwich and her little munchkin, JENN and BEX!  We had a fabulous time as usual and took plenty of pics!

On the road heading out...

 Jen amused herself while I was driving by doing car sit-ups...who knew they could be done!

After 7 hours, we finally made it!

The sandwich in the pool

It wouldn't be a trip to Dover without a little ZUMBA!

Or, new handmade onesies made by Jenny D and Me :)

The sandwich with the perfect little garnish!

We were so sad to leave, we tried to take little Bex with us...I think she was ready to go! :)

After a long drive with plenty of traffic and emotional breakdowns, we finally made it back to NYC and I got to see my two favorite NYers who I missed so much!  

The weekend after we got back from Ohio, I started my first "odd job" of the summer....dogsitting!  I spent 10 days sleeping away from my hubby (which, after being gone for 4 1/2 days the previous week, he wasn't too happy about) and going on many, many walks with a Collie and a Havanese.  Since I was staying in my neighborhood, Maggie got to partake in many a puppy playdate and by the end the week, she and Suzie (the Havanese) were best buds!

 Maggie Lu and Suzie Q

Sleeping buddies

One great benefit of dogsitting in your own neighborhood is the fact that I could still pretty much go about my day-to-day business, which for an unemployed UES housewife included lunching with friends...and lunch I did!

Wednesday was Rachel and Rowan lunch day!!  

Isn't he a cutie?!  Maggie loved him too!

Thursday was Nancy day...we didn't take a picture, but here's a little reminder of where she and I met ;-)

I also got a chance to get in some walking and stretching with Jen.  We decided that we were going to try and put together a W&S group so that we can inspire and motivate all of the other UES dwellers that need a little push into fitness.  We even took some awesome pictures for the flyers we are going to make and distribute around the neighborhood!

The last and probably most (2nd to seeing Jenn and Bex of course) anticipated event of July was The Limited Family Picnic Day!  It was a fun-filled friday at a park on the Hudson River with catered Cosi and exciting games like 4-mat Twister and Tug-of-War, there was even a pinata!  Matt and I were both champs of the day, as he was on the winning Tug-of-War team and I was the last one standing in both Twister Tournaments! We had a lot of fun hanging with all of his co-workers and being extra goofy at a public park in front of a bunch of tanning New Yorkers.

Me and Christa (fellow dancer/biggest competition ;-)) on the Giant Twister!

Matt holding his own! 

My winning pose!

So, all in all, I'd have to say July was a pretty good month.  Hope everyone is enjoying there summer, and until next time...whenever that may be! ;-)

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