Sunday, October 17, 2010

Matt and Holly on TV!!!

Yup, that's read correctly!!  Matt and I are going to be on TV!!  Two weeks ago we went to an open casting call for the Newlywed Game and they asked us to be on the show!!  We did the taping the very next day and it was hilarious and an absolute BLAST!!  The most amazing part of the whole thing is that my parents were on the show 31 years ago!  So crazy, right?  I'm a NGS legacy....wowweee!  My parents didn't win but they definitely got the prize for cutest couple!  We signed a confidentiality agreement, so I'm not really supposed to talk about it, other than telling people that we were on the show, so if you want to see if history repeated itself, you'll just have to tune in to the Game Show Network and find out yourselves. :)  The season starts November 1st, and I have no idea when our episode will air, so if you really love us, you'll just have to start watching and hope to see us soon. ;-)

These are a couple of shots from our "photobooth" session at the NGS!  They put these up as the backdrop for on the set....don't we just look like winners! :) You'll have to tune in to see!!



  1. No way...that is TOO COOL!!!! Guess, I better set the DVR:) What a fun memory for you guys!

  2. I cannot WAIT! Did he ask you questions about "whoopee?" I would be mort. if. ied.