Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mom, Dad and a Dance Performance!

Hi Everyone!

This posting is slightly delayed because we had such a busy, busy week last week and I have so much to fill you in on, but I think I am just going to take it one event at a time!  :)

Two weekends ago, my parents were in town to see me and Vissi Dance Theater  perform in Queens at the York College Performing Arts Center!  We had an amazing show with an even more amazing turnout and it was such a blast!  My mom came in thursday before the show and was a real trooper!  I took her to all the NYC tourist know, grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and Target in NJ, Tech and Lighting rehearsals in Queens, hair modeling appointment at Bumble & bumble, all the fun stuff!  But really, we actually did have a lot of fun!  I just loved having her around to do my normal routine errands with....sometimes it's just better when mom's with ya, ya know!

Me in the dressing room at York before the tech rehearsal....don't you love my beautifully blown out do!?  Thanks to Lauren at B&b I looked fab for a few hours :)

Me and mom in the dressing room

Being the amazing woman she is, my mom brought a cake 3000 miles across the country from our wedding bakery to celebrate our 1 year!!  Can you believe it??? She's unstoppable, that woman! :)

When "Grandma" is in town, Maggie Lu is sure to have an updo!

The next night when my dad got in to town, we got our Anniversary gift from them...

My mom worked for weeks putting together a bound book of photos starting with our engagement all the way thru the wedding!  It was amazing and beautiful!

Mom and Matt

Dad and Mom....he's smiling on the inside :)

The night of the show, these were just a few of my guests that made the long trek out to Jamaica, Queens to support me!  Love you Jen, Nick, Ebonie and of course, Matt!  You are the BEST!!

Shiloh and I just couldn't get enough dancing in that night, we had to keep on moving even after the show was over!

Yup! It's me!! :)

The next day, Matt and I took my parents to see the new place!  We were so excited to show off our new home and see it again thru the eyes of someone else!  We just can't wait to move in!! Only 35 more days!!!
We set the timer here....sorry that 45% of the pic is of the hood of our car, but it's still a cute fam shot! 

Dad and me in front of our building (yes, it's the awesome one with all the windows!)

Me and mom in the fun chairs in the lobby

Another family photo in the living room....this one is a little better.

So happy walking down our new street! :)

Since we were already in NJ, we took the opportunity to take mom by Carlo's Bake Shop....she's a HUGE Cake Boss fan!  Buddy wasn't there, but that didn't stop us from buying a bunch of sweet treats for dessert that night! 

My dad headed back home on Monday, so that gave my mom and I a day and a half to hang out and do girly things!  We got mani/pedis, went to lunch and my mom decided to get a haircut!  I think it turned out absolutely fabulous....isn't she one hot mama?!?

And just when I thought I was going to get away without doing any touristy stuff for the weekend, my mom decided she needed to visit M&M world in Times Square!  Oh well, at least I scored some treats out of the deal....if you haven't tried the new pretzel M&M's I suggest keeping it that way, unless you want to eat about 5000 of them in a row like I did!  They are DELISH!

And one final photo of the girls before we headed to the airport!!  Thanks for a great weekend Mom and Dad!! And thanks to all who came out to support VISSI!!!  


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  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip! :-) The poster is stunning, and Grantie looks beautiful - love the hair! Congrats on the new place - I'm so excited for you two. Love you! ~Ang