Monday, October 18, 2010

A weekend with the kiddos!

Last weekend, Matt and I made the 2 1/2 hour trek up to the Berkshires to hang out with our three little Dotson buddies!  Amanda and Paul were going away for the weekend, so we came up to watch the munchkins while they were gone. It had been a little over a month since I had seen the kiddos, but Matt hadn't seen them in over 5, so it was a very heartfelt reunion....for about 5 seconds and then Patrick tackled Matt! ;-)  But really, we had an awesome time hanging with the little ones that I used to spend every day with and miss so much!  

 Matt and Patrick at the Horse Farm playing games on Matt's phone....I thought this picture was so sweet!  

Char and me waiting for her lesson

 Photo by Ali....we have about 400 more just like this, she went a little camera happy!

There's the photographer!  She was more interested in taking the pictures than being in them...but I snuck this quick, sneaky one before she could stop me!

 Patrick, Ali and Charlotte with their face paintings from the Apple Orchard

 Wouldn't this make a great Christmas card.....too bad they aren't ours ;-)

 Patrick working on his 5th apple of the day!

Thanks for a great weekend kiddos....can't wait til we get to see you again!

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