Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to Cali!

Last weekend Matt and I flew back to Cali for a huge surprise birthday party for my aunt (Nini - 50!) and my grandpa (Papa - 75!!).  Since the two of them are huge Yankees fans, the party was themed as such....YANKEE FEVER!!!  Because Nini didn't know that Matt and I, or Lisi and Mikey (another aunt and her BF from Washington) for that matter, were flying in for the party (or that there was a party at all), we had to lay low the first night we were there.  So what did we do to keep from raising any suspicion and conspicuousness?  We did what any other family of adults would do and went to Dave and Busters!!  Arcade games AND a bar...what could be better!!

Matt and Jer racing their crotch rockets

Mom, Mikey and Lisi

Intense skee-ball tournament

She not only won the 1000 ticket jackpot once....but twice!!

Having a ball (as my grandma would say!)

And with all our combined winnings, I chose a mini food chopper!

We also got to watch my mom and Eddie in a fiery tango!!

Saturday was party day!  And what better way to warm up for a big party than with a little "Just Dance" for the wii!
Dad and I in heavy competition!

After our morning workout, Mom, Lisi and I ran around like banshees to get the rest of the party stuff together while the boys decided to have a little bonding time.  Where else, but the driving range!

The party was a huge success!!  We had more than 60 people at my cousin Steven's awesome house and there was plenty of room for all!  My mom had Jer design special Yankee/Orlando t-shirts for the whole family (all 30 something of us!) and they were a hit! 

Nini was shocked!!

Papa was confused!!

The original Orlando Six!

Back in the day....

Nini and Papa....now and then!

Me and Matt :)

Jon and Steph

The Mendoza/Hendricks/Walker Fam

Me and Natters

The Birthday Boy and Girl

Now that's a family photo!!

The rest of the weekend was spent swimming, laying out and eating, eating, eating!  Another fun-filled, sun-filled trip out West!

Andrew and Angie

Lisi and Mikey

Papa...lookin good at 75


Me and my "little" bro :)

Oh, and one more thing to add!  I'm so excited for my cousin Steven and his FIANCE Adrianna!!  They just got engaged 3 days ago and even though I know they probably don't read my blog, I had to share the love!  Congrats you two!!!

Til' next time my faithful followers!!  xoxo


  1. Love when you update your blog! Looks like you had a blast and so happy to hear that the big party was a success:) Love from Cali...xoxo

  2. Thanks V! Sorry we couldn't see you this time....but definitely at Christmas!!! xoxo