Saturday, August 28, 2010

BBQ with Vissians

Last weekend Matt and I drove out to Long Island to a BBQ with the Vissi Fam!  For those that don't know what Vissi is (although if you know me well enough to be reading my blog, you probably know what Vissi is), it is Vissi Dance Theater the dance company that I have been dancing with for the past 5 years and I love it and I love all of the amazingly talented people that I have met within it and I really, really believe in it!  Courtney Ffrench is our Artistic Director and he's fantastic and every once in a while he (well actually Kara, his wife/fellow dancer) will plan a day of fun that always includes food, drinks and dancing!  So, last Saturday was just that!

This time the BBQ was at Courtney's sister, Raquel's house.  She and her husband live out in Westbury in a beautiful house with a gorgeous backyard with a pool!  It was so great!!  Didn't even feel like we were only 40 minutes outside of the city....oh the burbs, gotta love em' (sometimes).

Kara and Shiloh taking a dip!

These are Shiloh's classic "Courtney faces"

Shiloh and I had a mini photoshoot while hanging out on the porch...
Shiloh, me and Yukari

Me and Shiloh

Come on in Matt!

Yay! :)


Wouldn't be a Vissi party without CRABS....shipped overnight from Baltimore!

Ariel and Jalila

Danni and Yukari throwing some Vissi V's on it!

The Ffrench family....isn't our little DJ the cutest!

The Happy Hendricks'

Kara and Ariel tearing up the dance floor!

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