Saturday, August 28, 2010

Only in NYC...

Could you do this

Last night Matt, Jen, Adam and I had a true NY experience!  The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an amazing exhibition going on right now through the end of October and if you can make it over there between now and then, you definitely should!  It is this fantastically, intricate bamboo installation on the roof of the Met overlooking Central Park and it is truly breathtaking!  You can visit during regular museum hours OR like we did, you can go on a friday night when the museum stays open late (9pm) and see this amazing sight AND partake in libations!  We got there just before sunset and as you can see it was a beautiful night....wish we had our good camera with us.  

After the Met, we had a fabulous sushi dinner at Haru, but not before swinging by "The Nanny" house on 75th and 5th and snapping a quick pic! 

Me and Jen in front of the Sheffield abode :)

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  1. GET OUT!!! I had no idea the Sheffield's house really existed!?!? Can you tell I LOVE that show? Don't get me wrong, the art exhibit looked amazing, but the Sheffield house!? Now, that's cool:) Someday, when I finally make it back to NYC, you must take me there, okay? :)