Friday, August 20, 2010


Today I ran for the first time in months!  I've done a couple 1-2 mile jogs here and there, but today was the first day I really felt in it to win it!  3 miles in 87 degrees with 41% humidity....I think that's comparable to about 5 miles in the low 70's with no humidity, right?  Anyway, I am back on track after a summer of not so enthusiastic exercising and let me tell you, I am excited!!!  I had a couple of epiphanies during my half hour run along the east river and I would like to share them with everyone in hopes that they inspire all because they definitely inspired me!

1. I LOVE to run....ok, well maybe I don't LOVE to run, but I do love the feeling right after I'm done when I'm all sweaty and thirsty and have weird tan lines from my running tank and CamelBak.  There's nothing like it....except after a really good rehearsal or... :)

2. I love to run in NYC!  Along the river there are so many people out there running right along with me in this crazy heat and I love the little knowing "runners nod" we give each other as we pass by one another.  It makes me feel really connected to the other people in this crazy town and it makes me feel like a true NYer!

3. I need new running about 5 miles ago!

Maggie Lu helping me de-sweat on this hot, hot day!

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