Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Heart NY (Adventures as an NYC Nanny!)

Today I had one of those amazing NYC adventure days that just reaffirms my love of this city.  I had my two little buddies with me and we gallivanted around ALL day! 

We headed out early this morning planning to go to the American Museum of Natural History, one of my favorite museums in the whole city.  The munchkins decided on the bus there that they wanted to swing by Central Park first to climb on some rocks and then head to the museum.  We got to 5th Avenue and 86th street and played on the Ancient Playground for a few minutes before venturing down to 79th street to enter the park.  When we walked into the park, we happened upon a crowd of people getting ready for a FREE music class.  The kids had a blast banging on drums and singing along to music from Ghana while I shook my tambourine to the beat.

 Patrick and Ali keeping the beat!

After our jam session in the park we kept making our way west toward the museum and came across a very friendly goose.  He was very curious and kept trying to eat the buckle on Patrick's cute! We kept him company for a while and then bid our farewell as we continued on our journey.

 NYC Goose with NYC kiddos!

 What a view!

By the time we made it over to the West side it was way past lunchtime and we were all starving and on the verge of hunger-induced breakdowns, so we got our tickets at the museum and then hi-tailed back outside and across the street to the Shake Shack! Two burgers, one hot dog, an iced tea, lemonade and 2 orders of fries later, we were full-bellied and happy again and decided to top off our delicious lunch with a little dessert!  I walked the kids the 10 blocks south (I know, they're champs right!?!) down to Magnolia Bakery for their first ever, world-famous Magnolia cupcake!  I think they enjoyed them thoroughly!!

 Patrick finished his in about 2.2 seconds!

 Ali took her time and still had leftover cupcake, which P and I were very envious of at the end of the day :)

3 delectable cupcakes later, we walked back up to the museum and finally made it inside!  We headed straight for the Discovery Room to dig for dinosaur bones and learn about all kinds of cool stuff!
 Patrick piecing together the bones of a Prestosuchus

 Looking for hidden animals in the African Baobab Tree

 Patrick's Penguin Family Picture Pose in the Penguin Diorama 

After a full day of city fun, we finally got back on the bus to head back home to the UES.  All three of us were wiped!

Just when I thought I didn't want to raise kids in the city....hmmmm, might have to re-discuss this topic with the hubby!


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